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Rating: 80%, voted 1 Coraabians


  • Points: 4
  • Subtype: žádný
  • Rarity: Guru
  • Edition: Award_Col
  • Dangerousness: 8
  • Intellect: 142
  • Vitality: 78
  • Karma: 10

Coraabia Artist: Danik Yaroslav Tomyn

ALL Prophet (Both players reveal the top cards of their decks). When this character enters the duel for each 3 Unliving in your deck: Boost (Your character has all parameters changed by +50 %). Summon (Send the first character of the faction Unliving from the top of your deck to the duel). OPP Summon (Your opponent sends the first character from the top of his or her deck to the duel).

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